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Love Has Torn Us Apart

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sunkist lites up my life [20 Sep 2003|11:25am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Well my brother had a good blotter in the Bay Beacon..

"Julian F. Kalivoda, 18.. blah blah blah".. i miss him.. :(

I played soccer and dodge ball at work with Steffi-- and pigged out with Rachel-- Talked to Ian... chillen and all that great stuff.. I like working it..it soo owns..i own everyone there..ha ha.. And my new RULE! 10% off for Asians! Woop...........

Anyone on my LJ -- or Buddylist reading this.. please do this!! (copy and paste..and reply in a comment/or IM! Thanks)
1. What do you think of when you think of me? :
2. What's one thing you like about me? :
3. One thing you hate? :
4. Have we ever hugged? :
5. Would you ever kiss me? Have you? :
6. Have we ever talked on the phone? :
7. Have we ever got into a fight? :
8. When was the last time we chilled? [if we ever did] :
9. Where did we meet? :
10. And- Do we get along well? :

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Leiah finally said sumthing that reminded me of my OBSESSIONS.... Totally Jealous! [19 Sep 2003|09:32pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Why do fools fall in love so easily?

How could of i forgotten *Totally Jealous*! (lol Leiah)

I was saving a sum pictures earlier on this floppy disk when i found all this stuffon guys i was obsessed about..like songs and poem..and quotes?.. well hear are sum if ya'll remember this old stuff!

A song i made with different co-laberations of other songs like in the 7th grade? LOL!Collapse )

On a lighter note: went to the game-- crowded again. Did we win? i dunno? LOL! Most likly we did. I got a feeling this weekend will be a drag?? Catch u on the flip side bia!


Copeland at the Pointe! (i stole these from Farrah..cus she went! OMG! Copeland! This si tha real fo shizzle!.. mae rocks my socks too!)

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Me: He's like a bar of chocolate but the wrappers in the way... [18 Sep 2003|02:22pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

I was in a happy mood so i decided to take a few pics.... Which one do u like?Collapse )

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Be one with mother earth [17 Sep 2003|03:09pm]
[ mood | content ]

I was clenaing Julz room when i ofound this tape of me and Nikki and *our movie*! i was like in what 8th grade? I dunno if u can see the pics clearly..since i took them from my tv..but hopefully u can manage???Collapse )

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[16 Sep 2003|07:36pm]
pilotgi17: i definitly want to hook up with you when i come visit
pilotgi17: lol
pilotgi17: just do
foreverxsixteen: ohh..so u think im a easy whore u can hook up?
pilotgi17: no, not the last time i checked
pilotgi17: your just very attactive and i like it
pilotgi17: is there a problem with that?

What am i, a rent out hoe?

my bro called and my dad tlaked to him..so when i switched phones..and got done talking to him, the time was when i hung up 4:20.. funny huh?
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Proud 2 Farm? [16 Sep 2003|04:46pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

School is cool...Collapse )

Man, i was kinda afriad to do Unarmed Ex. for Drill, but after practice i am soo ready! It was alot of fun. Reminds me of doing Micheal Jackson moves..and ha tha *WHITE* gloves! I cna't wait! My classes were so far good! I was reeli tired and all that great stuff! Inspection was good.. being attacked by this dragonfly! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I finally confronted the jocky guys i hat ein English..and boy were they told! uhh.. had a run-in with a boggy and started this Who can Dis the Asian and Boggy Contest! Ahh..damn boggys! Late rim gonig to excerising with Mina (dog) and taking pics.. ill hav eMichelle come with me? Hopefully! Well im out and yeah! Later my sunshine!

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dude..he was like yeah and i was yeah, so like YEAH!! [15 Sep 2003|05:30pm]
[ mood | content ]

I finally got my pics from my Sweet 16! Enjoy Coca Cola!

Sweet 16Collapse )

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lately ive been torn apart, wish u never broke my heart.. [15 Sep 2003|03:00pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

I've had like too many back-talking convo's with peeps in school today! ppl trying to start shiznet!

Where is the peace and love?Collapse )

I figured out which class ring im getting! I'm like reeli excited! It will be tha bomb digity! Fo realio shawty! I just went online @ vagina_secrets for lj and saw Stone's pic of him with his pants down..ha ha! Kodak moment! In Drivers Ed today...Coach turned on the radio..andit wa slike soo loud it freaked everyone out..i swear i was hyperventailating! It wa slike all high pitched and like blasting like relei loud for liek 20 seconds then he turned it down! It was funnie.. me and Rachel..were like let's go to work..yes..SUBWAY! LOL! Later on kid's!



dono nobis pacem [15 Sep 2003|02:56pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

<td bgcolor="#000000">Name</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Sexuality</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Age</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Most Likely to Say</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">"Why no, I'm not Jewish." </td></tr>
What Are You Most Likely to Utter During Sex by UMAJohnnie
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

losers always win! [14 Sep 2003|01:15pm]
[ mood | content ]

my brother called.. and didn't accept. He called again. I just had to find out the truth. I let him through and we talked about 5 mins. He wants out sooo bad.. aww poor him. He was like going to the football game and like cops always do routine stops to check for drunks and stoned people. He was pulled over and he had an ounce under his cd's. He said he didn't remember putting it in there, but i dunno? My mom is like riading his car and im like Get the HELL out!! She's is soo crazee..she's like trying to life the seats, like she's gonna find sumthing? The cops already did that?.. Ahhh weirdness. it was good to hear my brother. He semmed soo down and sad when he called. :(



wtf???? [14 Sep 2003|09:10am]
[ mood | bored ]


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does anyone know the reason JOHNNY CASH died? [13 Sep 2003|08:12pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I was glad to go to work today.. cus i couldn't stand being home.. ahh.. too much! Me and this GUY from NHS were having like this Japolino eating contest.. ohh i so won..cus im asian and yeah i can handle hot stuff! Me and Hope are gonna battle next time we work!

As i got home.. my dad got my bro's car impounded. i was looking at it thinking that was his last place, he was down on 27th street he was soo close to home, blocks away..i just took him keys, touched the door and sat inside. I was breathing the same air he was.. He must of been soo scared, and plus he hates cops. I still can't believe it.. that all what me Liriam Kahliah, Hope, and Rachel all talked about.. me ..like everyone could relate to it. Or hav ethere own thought. Later i went to my room and noticed that he had caled like 10 times and like 10 messages, and strict orders from my dad, "Were not accepting his phone calls." He's like gonn abe locked up away, for like a year prolly, cus he has a felony ( and a 6th offense?), Ahhh cruel world.


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[13 Sep 2003|10:33am]
i decided to post sum of my old digi art i liked about sadness and people leaving eachother..cus that's how i feel?

sorrowCollapse )
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[ mood | distressed ]

as i woke up this morning, i was trying to think *did this reeli happen? did this reeli happen?!?!?!?!?!*

it did..

last nite @ 2:15 am, the phone rings, while sleeping i was getting so pissed off, cus hello? who call at that time?? i pick up, it was my brother. First thing i could think of was.. *Where r u??* i never could think straight after he said the Crestview County Jail. Being in shock im like *WTF did u do?* in my mind. My dad goes on the phone and im just listening my brother tlaking to him. They towed his car, he's held on bond, he's got 2 court dates (one today), but when my dad asked him. what he did. He didn't wanna say, he just kept on saying.. *U'll find out in court.* But after a lil bit he said for possession. He's been charged with this for like the what 6th or 7th time? Been kicked outta school for time, gone to many detnention centers, health hospitals, and i remember my dad always saying, wait til ur an adult and they catch you? He's an adult now, they caught him, what is gonna happen to him? I just know he won't be at home for a reeli long time. I may always complained about my brother and saying i don't like him..but he was always nice, and loving, i bet he was sooo scared, being behind bars, next to sumone that prolly committed murder or sumthing and him.. just turning 18, doing school. It because of him, my parents are soo strict on me for school my friends, my life. Will things get harder for me, cus of his mishap?.. ahhhhh

I dunno if anyone could relate to this or have a word of wisdom..but sum of my good firends ive talked about and been through this will get me, just when a time i needed sumnoe reeli close with me, or even my own best friend, they weren't there, or there gone.

everything is in a whirl, i couldn't sleep, i just kept wondering, thinking, after he said *its scary here* is he ok? my worst nightmare, his worst nightmare, is true now.

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should i smile b/c were friends, or cry cus that's all u'll ever be? [12 Sep 2003|02:51pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Random Photo's i did after school!Collapse )

School was amusing today! The only interesting thing was the pep ralley. Booty dancing w/ Stone.. so hot! Hard x Core dancing with Allison, Farrah, and Heather. Asian dancing with the best viet girl, Jenny! Woop woop! Ahhh, today i failed my driver's ed test?..Uhh...i dunno how i could of ?? Ahhhhh I feel like ive been defeated! And how my friends are like, "Jessica is sumthing wrong?/.Ur quiet?" I know..is that a first.. me quiet??? I just didn't have the endorphins to talk and do that that crazee shit!

Teach: Cj, would u give me a generlization of the Sotry Boys and Girls?
CJ: Boys are...
Robert: That's not true, were not evil.
Me: Ohh yeah! Ya'll are stupid!

Gawd do i hate them cocky-stupid-i-just-wanna-bitch-slap-them-jock-football-players!!!! There soo immature and like think there soo that..when there not! So annoying..CJ is like the only normal yet cool guy there..and all of them..are so two-faced! Guys! Who needs them? All the do is lie, cheat,and steal!

Another thing is i feel like im bipolar? I seriously do think i do! I am always moody..or so changable! One min. happy.. then sad.. depressed.. quiet, happy, sad for no reason. easy upsetted? For sum of the times i have no reason for why im that way.. its just like i am? And no im not a typical one who is all into death and suicidle! So don't be thinknig im crazee..cus im not! Ahhhh! I dunno..i am mad..cus i have to work til 7 and missing Scot's thing at the Olive Garden, and cna't go to the game, well i could but everyone is gonna be there, by the time im off! Maybe ill stay home and watch 80's flicks???? I dunno? 2 much for me anyways! holla bak at meh later! 678-7576 if u wanna do sumthing? 642-0088 if im not home.. and 678-1667: my work if u still are up to sumthing! if they ask who u are.. say if ur a guy ur my bro or if ur a girl ur my grandma or mom or if all else fails! leave a number!


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for the past 2 day's, ive walked home singing *Part of Your World* from The Little Mermaid.. [11 Sep 2003|06:14am]
[ mood | tired ]

9/11: No words can describe....Collapse )


don't walk away..don't please don't walk away from me.... [10 Sep 2003|03:35pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

School Bitch!Collapse )

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Top that bitch! [09 Sep 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | excited ]

My Picture Story

Walking to Eckerds by. Jessica (J) Kalivoda

It all started on a brisky sunny day when i had the urge to go running! So i call up my friend Michelle to come with me. And she does. We started to walk around.. we reeli didn't start out jogging. All of a sudden i had a great ideal to go to Eckerds! After looking around i find a great rack of Halloween costumes so i decided to model them.. .. .. .. Now doesn't that rocket one remind you of October Sky and Homer?? All of a sudden I see Blake and she gets a costume and POOF >> she is a Halloween costume model too! I wanted to get sumthing reeli cool, and here are sum stuff i had to choose from.... and !! I didn't get any b/c i am soo poor i could only get sum liquid lollipop ... ... There was this teddy bear that was soo cute i had to kiss it .. , and WHOA... who is that helping out those clearance items ???? I was reeli happy with my liquid lollipop and we started to head back home. We passed many road signs and cars !!! We are jogging home! LOL! All of a sudden Michelle was like AHHH! She had a hole in her bag and all she candy was gone .... how sad!! AHHHH! She got a liquid lollipop too! Overall it was a great day! The END!!!!!!!!!!!! Public Service Announcement:


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Scot: ROTC is kinda like the Air Force.. lol.. [09 Sep 2003|02:11pm]
[ mood | creative ]

1st- Hodie Chirstas Natest (Christmas songs)
2nd- The Odsessy
3rd- Insepection (OMG! Daniel collapsed! i was like so scared! He eyes rolled back in his head..NEVER lock ur knees! OMG!! AHHHHHH! SKERD for lyfe bro!)
4th- Read BOYS and GIRLS
5th- Power Point
6th- Our Intelligence???
7th- Bookwork

School is for foolsCollapse )

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[09 Sep 2003|02:03pm]
Random photo's found but never posted?????

UnknownCollapse )
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